The 16 Most Common Swing Characteristics And How To Fix Them
And learn the simple steps needed to reach this goal in the next 90 days

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  • Want to have an unfair advantage over the competition?
  • Ready to drop 10-20 strokes off your scorecard?
  • Ready to master your scoring game, own the tee box and wake up every day with the mindset of a champion?

If you think playing the course with an intelligence of a 4-star general will improve a hell of a lot more than your golf game, then you are correct.

We focus on training your body to be powerful, more athletic so you can focus on The Scoring Game to help you master 65% of the shots you take per round. THIS is how you win a round of golf. THIS is how you win in life.

The program involves working closely with me on the following things:

1) Fitness: I take you through a 16 point fitness evaluation, including some things you've likely never considered before, and customize a specific plan for getting flexibility (like a teenager) having total control of your body for stability and mobility that will get you more distance, more accuracy and maximize your efficiency. -

The outcome is you will be in the best shape of your life, sleep like a baby and have the confidence to play your best golf ever.

Your spouse will probably thank me for increasing your flexibility and stamina too if you know what I mean. 

  • You will reduce or even eliminate pain altogether…
  • Your swing will become easier and more repeatable...
  • Improve balance and coordination + better performance...
  • Improve mobility in back, hip, legs, and shoulders to reduce risk of injury...
  • Strengthen your core, glutes & quads for more control to shape every shot...

2) Putting: There are only 3 things you need to be a great putter and we train you to understand the science and physics of all three with simple and fun games that work like magic. When you can read the greenhit the line you read, and control the speed and distance along that line you become one of the best putters around. Plus, controlling your short game is all about controlling your MIND. Get ready to see improved concentration in more than just your golf game.

[I give you my proven framework and help you to apply it to your game, going over it with a fine-toothed comb to make sure you're applying the method correctly and you are now the best putter in your city, because you understand the process that goes into sinking more birdie putts]

3) Wedges: Finesse Wedges, Distance Wedges & Bunkers (Scoring Mastery)

· Master your wedge distance control

· Get a feel for correct contact

· Improve your release pattern to finesse the backspin

· Dial in your ball control so it stops where you want it

· Hit wedge shots that land within a few feet of the target

· Solutions for your chipping pitfalls

· Understand bunker concepts and fundamentals

· Virtually eliminate chunking or hitting the wedge heavy

· Improve your Hand/Eye coordination skill for hitting the line in the sand

“The Scoring Game” consists of the short game (green side bunker, finesse & distance wedges) and the putting game – which make up over 65% of the shots you’ll take during your entire round of golf. That’s why we focus on distance wedges, pitching, chipping, bunker and putting – these are the shots that keep you under par.


[I show you the thought process for going from the “think box to the play box” that proves you're an expert in course strategy and intelligence, assess any situation and have the confidence and skill to pull off the best risk/reward shot the situation calls for, and enjoy the game the way it is meant to be played.]

(Even If You Have Been Struggling For Years)

Dean Chitren - Low 70's Golf

Our Scoring Mastery Program not only shows you the correct form, but helps better your mental game, understand your own style of play, and listen to the real data that shows you how you can improve rapidly and make more birdies.

Each experience is unique – because each person has unique limitations. My program is completely customized to maximize YOUR skills, lower your scores, and enjoy the game of golf again.

So even if you’ve never broken 80 before, and you’ve tried everything, this very well could be what you need right now to score in the low 70’s.

4) Add at Least 20 Yards to Your Drives and Hit the Fairway So Much That Even the PGA Tour Pros say, “Wow!”

Figuring out how to completely build a brand-new FULL SWING and crush your drivers and be a great ball striker with your mid-long irons is key to playing well, scoring low and having fun.

We will spend several weeks working on the BEST FULL SWING part 1, part 2, part 3, are part 4 series to master your full golf swing. I can assure you when you follow this step-by-step process with (slow motion) specific training and drills, you WILL BE a real “ball striker”.

[I give you my entire 4 part system and do it with over the next 90 days to make sure you get MASTERY - this is exactly what I do in my own GOLF SWING, nothing held back, and I answer any and all questions; becauseI NEED YOU TO SHOOT PAR!]

5) Mastering the game of golf is more than just driving the ball. It requires mastery of the “Total Game”. The Total Game is made up of these 4 elements.


It is not just about how you swing the club but the condition of your body. If your body is not in peak physical condition neither is your game.


Mastery of the fundamentals is mastery. Emotional control and confidence come from “total game” mastery. “Total game” mastery starts with the fundamentals.


It is best to understand that course strategy and IQ alone can drop 10-15 strokes off your game.


Your thoughts determine your destiny. Your mindset determines your actions and those actions ultimately determine your scorecard.

Come join us and learn HOW to eliminate double & triple bogey blow up holes, high scores in the 80’s, 90’s & 100’s and frustration.

And FINALLY build a foundation for mastery in your body, mind, and golf skills to become a birdie making machine.

The program includes several live 1-on-1 Zoom Coaching sessions, several in-depth drills & training with follow up personal feedback from ME, and unlimited Messenger/email access between meetings to work out any kinks. 

● Drills to Improve Performance 

● 40+ Training Videos

● Tests to Analyze Your Performance

● Homework to Take to The Range

● Lifetime Access to The Program 

This program is like nothing You’ve ever seen before in the marketplace. It truly is a full end-to-end “Navy Seals: Peak Performance & Scoring Mastery” system for winning your club championship, shooting par for the 1st time, scoring in the Low 70’s for life or even cracking into the 60’s.

Feel like a Champion when you walk on the course and take that feeling with you everywhere. Walk into the boardroom and the bedroom knowing you are a master at your game.

The investment for my program is still under $10,000. Which I can't believe I'm saying, because so many students have told me it needs to be way more.

But, for now, you can still get in for this no-brainer investment. (I'll probably keep the price the same until the coronavirus stuff subsides, just to make it extra-easy for people to say yes).


…you, like our ambitious clients, can expect rapid improvement over 12 weeks – in all key areas of your game, simultaneously.

Once you have upgraded your mind, your strength, and your golf game you can then figure out how you want to bring this upgraded version of YOU into other areas of your life as well. You get to decide!!!

We specialize in delivering, for you, an unfair advantage on the course and plummeting strokes off your game – a proven model of success.

Navy Seals: Peak Performance & Scoring Mastery” is responsible for dropping 10, 20, or even 30 strokes off your game, transforming you from an average or crappy golfer to a scratch golfer or The Club Champion in 90-185 days.

And by following “OUR PROCESS” you can expect to experience growth and a dramatic increase in your performance within the next 30 days (and that is just the start).

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You must be ready to get started right away

You must be willing and able to invest in yourself and your golf game

You must have an abundance mindset and be open to doing things a completely new way

You must be willing to work hard, adopt new tactics, and have a borderline crazed obsession about your game and WANT to score in the Low 70’s.

During your confidential call, we will review your golf swing and you will have an opportunity to bring up one issue related to your game and we will work with you to develop a plan of attack.

We will demonstrate what it might be like to work with us.

And we will evaluate you to determine if you have the traits necessary to meet our strict, but reasonable criteria for new students.

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Be ready to shoot par!

The 16 Most Common Swing Characteristics And How To Fix Them